Pennant Administrator

Pennant Administrator: Jo Keegan
Postal Address: 11 Haig St, Maroubra  NSW  2035
Facsimile: 02 9344 9887
Mobile: 0418 475 869
Email: [email protected]
Hours: Monday to Friday 9.30am – 6:00pm only

Emails / Enquiries from Club Registered Players: 

The Pennant Administrator is available to help and advise CLUBS.
The Pennant Administrator cannot attend to individual players enquiries.
Registered Players are advised to contact their Team Captain, Club Captain or Secretary, in the first instance, for advice and information.

If necessary the Club can then contact the Pennant Administrator for assistance.

Pennant Bylaws

By Laws

Forms for Pennant

NSW Squash Tribunal and Code of Conduct 

NSW Squash has in place a Code of Conduct that deals with players behaviour and
conduct whilst competing in events run by NSW Squash ie. Pennant and Tournaments