The Sydney Junior pennant caters for Secondary school students of all levels of ability. The format of the competition is a 3 person team across two pennants broadly built around the private/independent school term schedule. 

Winter Pennant runs across terms 2 and 3, while the Summer Pennant is split across terms 4 and 1 with a large break for the Christmas school holidays. 

The draw is a home and away format where the teams play a graded competition against teams of similar skill.  The morning is split into 2 time slots with lower grades playing the earlier time slot. The competition is currently graded into 15 divisions catering for the novice through to elite players that participate in our junior tournament circuit.

The participation currently is a mixture of secondary school Saturday morning sport and local squash club junior teams providing a large variety of players and facilities.

If you would to get your school or local squash club involved please contact us