NSW State Junior Academy Squads

The NSW State Junior Academy Squads provide junior players with an environment to develop and improve their skills and performance in a supported setting overseen by the Squash NSW Junior Head Coach and a team of suitably qualified assistant coaches. The squads prepare players to compete at the highest level and the opportunity to be selected in the state team to compete at the Australian Junior Championships. To be eligible for selection in the state team you must be a member of Squash NSW and the NSW State Junior Academy Squads. Athletes wishing to become a member of the NSW State Junior Academy must complete the online application form. The academy is open to all Squash NSW Junior players.

Online Membership Form here

Squash NSW Junior Membership is $40 annually payable by 1 March each year.

All players are to complete a Membership Form. There is no membership fee payable for those players who play in the Sydney Junior Pennant Competition as membership fees are included in Pennant Fees.

What the Academy Squads provide and include:

  • Structured Training Environment
  • Experienced Head Coach & Assistant Coaches
  • Technical Training
  • Training Plan to Develop Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Access to Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Access to National Talent Coaches and Programs
  • Supportive Team Environment
  • Court Hire
  • Balls

Academy Squad Program Structure

Academy Squad Camps will be conducted in three regions prior to the State Championships in July. Members must attend at least two of the Academy Camps (4 Sessions) and meet all Selection Criteria if they wish to be considered for the State Representative Team, which are selected at the State Junior Championships held in July each year.  

Academy Squad Camps will be one day training sessions with a morning & afternoon session. Athletes have the choice to attend both session or one session. For session details see the Squash NSW website or contact the Head Coach.  

It is expected that a coach will travel to country regions to deliver programs with the assistance of regional qualified coaches. This will assist in reducing the costs faced by families and players in country regions and raise the sport profile in regional centres.

 Academy Squad Fees

Costs will be advised to parents and participants prior to each Academy Camp as circumstances will vary with regional facilities, number of participants, number of courts and coaching services. Payment is to be made to Squash NSW bank account prior to camps or on the day by cash to the head coach. For payment details please contact Squash NSW. 

Please note that with the transition to the Sporty HQ platform there will be changes to payments and payment structure going into 2020.

NSW State Junior Team Selection Criteria   

To be considered eligible for selection into the NSW State Team to compete at the Australian Junior Championships please see the criteria here.

If you have been successful in selection for the State Junior Team you must meet all the NSW State Team Criteria, please see criteria here.

NSW Academy Members not chosen in the State Team will continue to have access to additional camps (See Squash NSW website for details) for further skills development and preparations for the following year.

Player Responsibilities

  • Be a financial member of Squash NSW
  • Join the Squash NSW Academy Program
  • Participate in Squash NSW Academy Camps, minimum two (2) prior to Australian Age Championships.
  • Compete in one 1 Silver and 1 Silver or above (Gold or Platinum) Tournament (prior to NSW Junior State Titles) and NSW Junior State Titles.
  • Adhere and familiarise yourself with Squash NSW and Squash Australia Policies, Codes of Conduct and Guideless.
  • Demonstration of exemplary behaviours on and off the court.

Players are required to meet skill and fitness standards, depending on your age. Fitness levels are adjusted according to age. Focus will concentrate on skills development. If you don’t have a coach the NSW Academy can recommend recognised coaches to assist you in being part of the NSW Squash Academy Squad within your own region

It is the responsibility of each athlete to meet the criteria and performance targets set for your age group. Should you fail to advise your non-attendance or commitment to the program your further participation will be reviewed.


Players are expected to demonstrate exemplary behaviour on and off the court.

Adherence of Policies, Codes of Conduct and Guidelines

Players are required to adhere to the policies, codes of conduct and guidelines set out by Squash NSW and Squash Australia. It is parent’s responsibility to assist their child/children to familiarise them with the polices, codes of conducts and guideline. There will be zero tolerance and no excuses for bad behaviour of players or unlawful behaviour. Players who do not adhere to the policies, codes of conduct and guidelines will be removed from the team and sent home at parents’ expense.    

If you unsure of your responsibilities, please speak to the head coach or Squash NSW.

NSW Policies here.

Squash Australia Policies here.

State Representative Team Structure & Requirements AJC

The State Representative Team members will be required to travel as a team. Team members will need to be available to travel on the dates arrange by Squash NSW to and from the AJC. All team members will be required to stay together as a team at the arranged team accommodation.

The Team will consist of 24 Players. 2 Players in each age group plus 1 Reserve Player in each age group U13 U15 U17 U19 boys and girls.

All State Representative Players travelling with the team will be expected to participate in the AJC singles event.

Please note for parents or non-team players wanting to attend the AJC you will have to make your own travel and accommodation arrangements. You are welcome to arrange your travel and accommodation alongside the State Representative Team, but you cannot be included in the State Representative Team arrangements.

State Representative Team Fees

Participation in the State Representative Team is self-funded. However, Squash NSW contributes considerably to the overall costs to help reduce the financial burden to families. Funding raising activities will be conducted throughout the year prior to the AJC. Help with fund raising activities will be greatly appreciated from Academy members during the year.  Squash NSW will actively seek sponsorship to help further support the team and reduce costs to athletes and their families.

Please note all fees for participating as a State Representative Team Member need to be paid in full prior to travelling to the AJC.

Player Grants

Players are encouraged to seek funding opportunities for athletes through local, state and national government grants. Grants are also available through corporate companies and business.


Late Memberships to Academy Development Squads

Late Memberships to Academy Development Squads can be made throughout the year provided the player is participating in regional tournaments and a financial member of NSW Squash. To be considered for any representative positions the NSW State Selection Criteria still needs to be met. To ensure you are eligible for late membership please contact the head coach.

2019 Academy Camp Dates & Locations

Date Location Session 1 Session 2
10 February Raymond Terrace Squash Courts 9am - 12pm 1pm - 4pm
3 March Thornleigh Squash Centre 9am - 12pm 1pm - 4pm
31 March Willoughby Squash Centre 9am - 12pm 1pm - 4pm
28 April Cardiff Squash Centre 9am - 12pm 1pm - 4pm
12 May Parkes Services Squash Centre 9am - 12pm 1pm - 4pm
9 June Thornleigh Squash Centre 9am - 12pm 1pm - 4pm