This is the list of current accredited coaches in NSW as of December 1 2013

2013 NSW Current Coaches Nov (7 KB)2013 NSW Current Coaches Nov


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Foundation Squash Coach

This coach is qualified to deliver basic training sessions that develop the squash technique of novice and junior players – this is generally defined as players’ 12-years and under who are still acquiring the skills needed to play matches. The coach may work independent of any supervision as they are fully qualified to provide such instructional training. Coaches at this level are also encouraged to work with older players (i.e. to gain valuable ‘on-the job’ training), but only as an ‘assistant coach’ under the supervision of a coach with appropriate qualifications.  The Foundation Coach program is designed for beginner and volunteer club coaches.  They are a stand-alone accredited program which includes Beginning Coaching General Principles combined with the skills and games of squash.  As accredited program the program involves competency based assessment of practical coaching. 


Club Development Coach

This coach is competent to plan, conduct and evaluate training programs suitable for the diverse range of ages and abilities found among registered Club or Centre players. A Club Development Coach must plan and supervise training to best prepare players of different ages, abilities and competition goals to achieve their potential. All Club Development Coaches should have the skills to prepare players for Club/Centre, District and State (or higher) level competitions. Club Development is the accepted standard for coaches implementing a diverse Squash Club/Centre program.  The manual for the Club Development programs include basic information on the game of Squash, warm-up information including lots of warm-up games, coaching points of each skills, drills and activities for each skill and suggestions for changing each activity to suit the players’ ability, modified games and strategies.  This manual will be provided to all course participants, and available for existing coaches to purchase.  Current Level 1 Coaches will receive the Club Development accreditation.

Participants have the option of completing both courses as they will be conducted on the one weekend. The Foundation Course, which forms first part of the Club Development Course will be held on Saturday morning first and usually takes 3-4 hours. Participants will need to complete their General Principles on line and print their Certificate and bring to the course.

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